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Striking the Right Balance to Manage Innovation

I was reading a great article in Harvard Business Review about managing your innovation portfolio.  It made me appreciate that for most organizations, it is difficult to strike the right balance of core, adjacent and transformational innovation.  As a new product development manager, I enjoy working on the real breakthrough ideas, but those are few […] Continue reading →

What’s simplicity to you?

As a product/project manager, I pride myself on striving for simplicity. Someone asked me just last week: “What’s simplicity to you?” and I found the best way to answer was to give some examples. Simplicity from day to day life – the ‘old’ light switch You flip it up, light turns on, you flip it down, light […] Continue reading →

What is RIM’s New Product Strategy?

Last night we had an interesting exchange at TPMA about whether RIM can effectively compete in the mobile handset and tablet space for the long term. I am a staunch RIM supporter, not just because I love my Blackberry, but they are a very successful Canadian-based technology organization constantly showing strong financial results. TPMA members involved in the discussion were completely […] Continue reading →