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New Products Created With Nanotechnology

Advances in technology bring about fascinating new products to the marketplace. A new engineering field of research referred to as “nanotechnology” is looking to create products that improve our lives. Nanotechnology deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (or a billionth of a meter).  I am not an engineer so I will not go deep into the technical jargon but from what I […] Continue reading →

Are we ready for Social TV?

The idea of a Social TV sounds cool but are consumers ready and willing to participate? Social TV refers to applications that allow viewers to interact with their friends online while watching a TV program. The two-way communication networks offered by IPTV (a.k.a Web TV, Internet TV) permit the receiving and sending of data packets. With proper application design and  integration, […] Continue reading →

Dreaming Of A Borderless Internet

Will the Internet ever be borderless so that we can truly view, share and engage with any content anytime, anywhere? As it stands today, media and entertainment assets are negotiated on a country by country basis. In Canada for example, we cannot use HuLu as its content is not licensed for use here. What will it take […] Continue reading →

CRTC Is Killing Competition

The CRTC decided (detail of the rationale can be found here ) at the end of 2010 to allow Bell to charge ISP’s reselling Bell’s GAS (General Access Service) from March 2011 onward for each end-customer data utilization (individually rather than on an aggregated basis). In turn, the ISPs need to charge each of their customers in order to stay in business . Continue reading →