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CIO Study

IBM recently published a study titled “The New Voice of the CIO“. They interviewed over 2,598 CIO’s from midsized organizations from 31 countries. Based on profit before tax figures from 2004 to 2007, they ranked the organizations in three groups, high-growth, medium-growth and low-growth. Then, they looked at differences between CIO’s in each group  to find out what made some more successful […] Continue reading →

Foundation For Innovation

In order to encourage innovation and execute on a vision, an organization requires a solid foundation. This foundation is composed of culture, leadership and resources and all three are equally important. It is easy for a CEO to come up with good business ideas; it is much harder, however, for the organization to participate in the […] Continue reading →

Welcome to my blog

Today, Dec 22nd, 2009, I am launching my blog. I hope my posts will inspire, help, spur thoughts, reactions and comments from readers. I will share experiences and learnings that I believe could be useful or helpful to others. I invite readers to comment in order to make this a rich and collaborative site. Continue reading →