CRTC Is Killing Competition

I received a letter from my ISP yesterday. My Internet Provider used to offer unlimited usage, however, as of March 1st, I will be charged $2 per GB for any usage over 60 GB each month. I was also provided my data utilization for the past 3 months; for 2 out of the last 3 months I used more than 60 GB. The competitive advantage for my ISP is gone and this is due to a recent CRTC decision.

The CRTC decided (detail of the rationale can be found here ) at the end of 2010 to allow Bell to charge ISP’s reselling Bell’s GAS (General Access Service) from March 2011 onward for each end-customer data utilization (individually rather than on an aggregated basis). In turn, the ISPs need to charge each of their customers in order to stay in business . The per end-customer charge makes it impossible for ISPs to aggregate their end-customers usage and decide for themselves how and if they will charge for data utilization.  With this decision, the CRTC is removing competition as there is no advantage for me to stay with my ISP.

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