Foundation For Innovation

In order to encourage innovation and execute on a vision, an organization requires a solid foundation. This foundation is composed of culture, leadership and resources and all three are equally important. It is easy for a CEO to come up with good business ideas; it is much harder, however, for the organization to participate in the innovation process and execute according to the vision set forth. The right employees and the right resources must be deployed. As well, processes must be established for how the work will be performed which is normally achieved via solid project management practices. Once a new business idea has been developed and launched to market, visibility provided via reporting and communication, allow the organization to know if goals have been met and if the product meets customers’ needs. An organization must be prepared to never be happy with the status quo; it must continuously innovate and improve. As such, it is primordial that the organization hires qualified employees who are flexible and relentless in their desire to attain if not surpass goals.

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