How Product Marketing Managers Can Create Client Engagement

As stated in my previous post, Creating The Right Product Value, Product Marketing Managers should be able to articulate how the organization can provide the right product value to its clients.

We all know it is cheaper to keep an existing customer than finding a new one. Product Marketers today need to work collaboratively and cross-functionally to ensure an end-to-end, high-value client experience from purchase to implementation and support. The goal of the Product Marketing function should go further than product positioning, delivering training tools and support materials; we should also contribute to the creation of customer engagement and loyalty.

I listed below a number of ways Product Marketers can create client engagement. Please note, however, that we cannot execute successfully on these ideas alone. Buy-in and support from Executives is required which is earned through influencing them and making appropriate recommendations. In addition, we need to work collaboratively and cross-functionally to execute on these ideas:

  • Ensuring the basic and most valuable features of your product are delivered flawlessly. This is done through participating in the testing cycle yourself as well as and involving end-users. This seems evident but I have worked for organizations that do not focus enough on this and loose clients from the get-go.
  • Using blogs, newsletters and social media to deliver timely and engaging and educational content.
  • Including tools for client feedback in your products (quick survey, rating, short form).
  • Find ways for your product to become the client go-to place for anything surrounding your area of expertise.
  • If it makes sense, offering online chat for immediate and timely support.
  • Ensuring you use short video and simple visuals in your product demos and presentations.
  • Your FAQs need to be easily searchable and constantly updated based on the latest client feedback.

In everything we do, it is important to think of our clients as people. If we can touch them in some way and create positive emotions then we are on our way to generate loyalty. I believe we need to think of our product in the context of how people use it and how they interact with it before, during and after its purchase. A combination of positive experiences throughout this cycle should engender engagement and loyalty.

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