The New Product Introduction Process

In a past post, I discussed the Role of the New Product Introduction Manager making references to the reasons to hire a NPI Manager and the skills required to be a good NPI Manager. This current post will explain the process of rolling out new products. The process begins with an idea that management has […] Continue reading →

Surviving in a Highly Competitive Market

In a highly competitive market where the investment has been made and customer acquisition is key to get to the break-even point in a preset period of time, discounting your product’s price may be necessary even though you  believe that your product offers the best value. As well, you must ensure that you can retain current customers as you spent significant […] Continue reading →

Innovating By Re-Purposing What Already Exists

Product innovation is not always about inventing something completely new. Sometimes, all we need to do to innovate is build parallels. If a concept works well for an industry, it may also work well for another. There is always the possibility to re-purpose what already exists and is already successful in a market, then use the same principles in another similar […] Continue reading →