Writing A Good Strategy Document

I have to write a strategy for a completely new business venture for my company. I dusted off my Queen’s MBA books (they were not that dusty since I just finished my MBA last November), to review what I had learned on this topic. I started with my thesis: a management consulting plan for a new product introduction.I believe my […] Continue reading →

A Day in My Life as Product Manager

Someone recently asked me to describe a day in my life as Product Manager. I went on explaining various tasks and responsibilities: market research, business cases, project management, cross-functional team building and communication. Then later, I wondered…am I doing the right things as a Product Manager? Thankfully, it seems I am.    Pragmatic Marketing, a recognized Product Management and […] Continue reading →

The Importance of Positioning

I just finished reading Positioning – The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout. This book is a must-have for marketers out there. I have gone through years of marketing education and none of my professors has ever recommended this book to me! The book was written a long time ago (original edition […] Continue reading →