How I became a Product Manager

Background A few weeks ago I decided I needed to ‘label’ or ‘brand’ myself better as a professional in the workplace. I find it is important when you network that people easily understand what you do. As well, having a clear idea of what you are as a professional allows you to seek the networking groups and education that will […] Continue reading →

Reasons why new product introductions fail

Here is a list reasons of the most common reasons why new product introductions fail: 1. Not enough top-down commitment to the initiative 2. Conflicting business goals, too many business goals, or no clear understanding of the business goals 3. Lack of resources or inadquate resources  4. Sales people have not received the appropriate training or they do […] Continue reading →

CIO Study

IBM recently published a study titled “The New Voice of the CIO“. They interviewed over 2,598 CIO’s from midsized organizations from 31 countries. Based on profit before tax figures from 2004 to 2007, they ranked the organizations in three groups, high-growth, medium-growth and low-growth. Then, they looked at differences between CIO’s in each group  to find out what made some more successful […] Continue reading →