What does product management bring to a structured program and project management run organization?

Some organizations have adopted project management methodology to develop products according to defined scopes, budgets and timelines. Once a project, such as release 1 of an application, is completed, the work on release 2 is planned as part of another project. For continuity-sake, the project manager assigned to release 2 gets appointed program manager and […] Continue reading →

Striking the Right Balance to Manage Innovation

I was reading a great article in Harvard Business Review about managing your innovation portfolio.  It made me appreciate that for most organizations, it is difficult to strike the right balance of core, adjacent and transformational innovation.  As a new product development manager, I enjoy working on the real breakthrough ideas, but those are few […] Continue reading →

5 Main Differences Between Project and Product Management

Project and Product Management represent two separate functions each with its own goals and reasons to exist. Having said that, the functions do have similarities but they also have important differences. At a high level, Project Managers ensure the work is planned, executed and delivered according to the scope, within budget and on time.  Product Managers, on the other […] Continue reading →