Dreaming Of A Borderless Internet

Will the Internet ever be borderless so that we can truly view, share and engage with any content anytime, anywhere? As it stands today, media and entertainment assets are negotiated on a country by country basis. In Canada for example, we cannot use HuLu as its content is not licensed for use here. What will it take […] Continue reading →

CRTC Is Killing Competition

The CRTC decided (detail of the rationale can be found here ) at the end of 2010 to allow Bell to charge ISP’s reselling Bell’s GAS (General Access Service) from March 2011 onward for each end-customer data utilization (individually rather than on an aggregated basis). In turn, the ISPs need to charge each of their customers in order to stay in business . Continue reading →

The Canadian IPTV Landscape

Canada has about 430,000 subscribers on an IPTV service. If you’ve ever wondered what provider offers IPTV where in Canada and how many subscribers they have on their service, here’s is a chart  I developed that will give you a great overview: Operator Telus Sasktel MTS Bell & Bell Aliant Solution Optik TV Max Entertainment […] Continue reading →