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What’s simplicity to you?

As a product/project manager, I pride myself on striving for simplicity. Someone asked me just last week: “What’s simplicity to you?” and I found the best way to answer was to give some examples.

Simplicity from day to day life – the ‘old’ light switch

You flip it up, light turns on, you flip it down, light turns off. That’s simple. You don’t need to know anything about electricity at all; it just works. There are many other great examples in our day to day lives such as the TV or the telephone. Most people don’t know the ins-and-outs of how they work but most use them quite easily everyday.

A tech example of simplicity: setting up email on my Blackberry

I opened a Gmail account (very simple), purchased a Blackberry and I only needed to tell my BB what my user name and password was for my Gmail. And voilà! I get all my emails on my BB. I don’t need to know anything about email relay, email servers, etc etc. It just works.

Simplicity in a process – Kobo e-book ordering

Once I set up an account, buying a new book was just 3 clicks away: select the book, click ‘buy now’ and confirm by clicking ‘buy now’ again. I could immediately download the book and begin reading.

Processes are needed from time to time to get things done in a reliable fashion on a repeatable basis. A process is good when it makes our lives easier. As a product/project manager, whenever possible, I create processes that use the least amount of steps and that can be automated.

That’s simplicity to me. What’s simplicity to you?

What is RIM’s New Product Strategy?

Last night we had an interesting exchange at TPMA about whether RIM can effectively compete in the mobile handset and tablet space for the long term. I am a staunch RIM supporter, not just because I love my Blackberry, but they are a very successful Canadian-based technology organization constantly showing strong financial results. TPMA members involved in the discussion were completely […] Continue reading →