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Communication: The Key to Connecting with People

In the corporate world, some people are afraid to communicate; others choose to communicate with only a few people and only when necessary.  As a result, important information that could help many colleagues remains in the hands of just a few. 

Communicating effectively is not easy; it requires energy, a positive attitude, the ability to see a problem from someone else’s point of view and the desire to want to genuinely help others. Anyone who cares can do it but not everyone wants to do it. Those individuals who are not willing to spend energy on communicating should not be selected for leadership positions.

A pet peeve of mine is when someone says something once during a meeting or conversation and expects you to know it (that tends to happen mostly from senior individuals in a bottom-down organization).  I believe anyone involved in strategy, marketing or at management level in an organization has a duty to communicate effectively and often; they should not feel threaten or upset if they need to repeat themselves.

They are countless books on communication and leadership for anyone who would like to become a better communicator. A good one is “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” by John C. Maxwell.   

One good principle from personal experience, especially when leading a group, is to be very organized. I spend a lot of time preparing material; agenda, task list, marketing research, competitive information, other pertinent data, etc… I pass some of the material in advance to the whole team so that they can get familiar with it. I invite the team to participate in adding to the content or comment on what I have prepared to get them engaged even before the meeting. During the meeting, I don’t regurgitate all the material but I use it to put some framework and background around the topic and I refer to it when necessary.

Collaborating on developing a solution to a problem with smart and engaged people is really fun. It gives me energy and makes my job enjoyable.

Networking – Life After the MBA

I held a full-time job while I attended Queen’s 15-month Executive MBA program. As well, I continued to support my son with his French homework each day and dealt with some stressful situations including my father-in-law passing away from cancer and our move to a new house. So you can well imagine that I did not spend […] Continue reading →