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Dreaming Of A Borderless Internet

Will the Internet ever be borderless so that we can truly view, share and engage with any content anytime, anywhere? As it stands today, media and entertainment assets are negotiated on a country by country basis. In Canada for example, we cannot use HuLu as its content is not licensed for use here. What will it take for media and entertainment organizations to develop border-free business models that provide all consumers worldwide access to their content? And if this dream became a reality, how would it affect cultures? I would argue that Canadian content should be distributed and sold worldwide so that the world can appreciate our culture and talent. However, would our culture suffer in any way from an open Internet where all content from all other countries makes its way into our lives? I doubt it, as Canada is made up of a variety of cultures so such a business model would only enrich our worlds. To achieve the vision of a borderless Internet, drastic changes would need to be made to our policies and laws. So I don’t see this happening too fast but hope it can be a possibility.

It’s All About Content

I have to admit, I don’t like to write. It is a strange thing to say from someone who writes a blog! I do like teaching, discussing and collaborating. Developing content is necessary to provide my audience with back up materials and presentations. It also allows me to organize my thoughts as I tend to jump from one thought to the next […] Continue reading →