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Facebook Turns New Product Introduction On Its Head

Yesterday I was invited to a  luncheon hosted by Wildeboer Dellelce & Globalive to benefit POGO – a great charity that helps kids with cancer and their family throughout their lifetime. The food was fantastic! We were a small group of 30 or so and we were entertained by Jordan Banks, Managing Director, Facebook Canada.  

Jordan is a great speaker and it was nice to hear an open and honest (although biased of course) view of what life at Facebook is like. I was fascinated by the speed at which Facebook releases new features. They work in an Agile environment releasing one new feature every week. Not all of those features make it to consumers. They first release the new feature to employees (they have 1,600 employees worldwide), then to small groups of consumers and finally worldwide if the feature has good traction.

Facebook is in a unique position to be able to dictate pretty much what they want to do with their product. There is no business case development and financial modeling, MRD or PRD. They build, release, see the response and either move forward or kill the new feature. They really turn the whole New Product Development process inside out. Quite a lucky position to be in!

Using Social Media to Keep in Touch

Social Media has been around for a while but I do have many colleages, friends and family members who do not use it. Why not? I think the primary reason is that it is not part of their daily rituals or they assume it will be too time consuming. When I get in the office, the first […] Continue reading →