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New Products Created With Nanotechnology

Advances in technology bring about fascinating new products to the marketplace. A new engineering field of research referred to as “nanotechnology” is looking to create products that improve our lives. Nanotechnology deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (or a billionth of a meter).  I am not an engineer so I will not go deep into the technical jargon but from what I […] Continue reading →

Is Anything Wrong With Television?

The saying goes, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Evan Hansen, Editor in Chief at, spoke at the Toronto Board of Trade last Monday; he contended that new TV business models have failed because there is really nothing wrong with TV. There is no question that TV has done a great job of […] Continue reading →

Innovating By Re-Purposing What Already Exists

Product innovation is not always about inventing something completely new. Sometimes, all we need to do to innovate is build parallels. If a concept works well for an industry, it may also work well for another. There is always the possibility to re-purpose what already exists and is already successful in a market, then use the same principles in another similar […] Continue reading →