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Disruption in the Pay-TV Industry (…or what is happening in the rest of the world)

Changes in the Pay-TV/media industry are taking place at very fast pace all around the world, except in Canada. This change is spurred by the increased availability of online content. Customers in the USA, for example, are obtaining more and more of their content online and watching it on their computer screens or on their TV via a Set Top Box. This allows customers the choice of what they want to watch, when they want to watch it and on what device they want to watch. As a result, the Pay-TV industry in the USA is set to experience a decline. This article by Will Richmond in VideoNuze explains the situation in the USA:  “Are Pay-TV Providers Getting Hit By a Perfect Storm in Q3?”

I can’t wait for more online content options in Canada. I alluded to a few in my article “How Apple TV and Netflix Will Drive Innovation in Canada“.  I certainly hope the landscape will change on this side of the border and more options will become available for the consumers.

Do you believe that in the near furture we will obtain as open an access to content with as much content choices as consumers currently have in the USA?