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Using Agile Principles in Project Management

Agile is a methodology used by top software development organizations to increase team productivity and improve product quality. As soon as I found out about Agile, I started reading about it by grabbing any books and articles I could get my hands on to uncover its processes and principles in an attempt to learn what makes it so […] Continue reading →

The New Product Introduction Process

In a past post, I discussed the Role of the New Product Introduction Manager making references to the reasons to hire a NPI Manager and the skills required to be a good NPI Manager. This current post will explain the process of rolling out new products. The process begins with an idea that management has […] Continue reading →

The Role of the New Product Introduction Manager

The responsibility for introducing new products to markets normally lies within the Marketing department. However, before a product is ready for launch, there are many steps that should be followed to ensure a successful internal as well as external launch. The role of the New Product Introduction (NPI) Manager begins with a new product idea […] Continue reading →