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Search Engine Optimization – Why Product Managers Should Care

I am not an SEO expert by any means but I realized early on that in order for my products and services to be successful, people must buy them. In order to be found and purchased, they must be communicated to the marketplace. And where is the marketplace finding out about products and services these days? Well, you guessed right:  on the Internet via Search Engines.

That is why SEO is so important. Without SEO as an integral part of product management thinking, my product and services will not be easily found. Promotion of my products at all level of the organization and outwards to potential clients is really a big part of my job. The problem is, how do you change your organization to understand and embrace SEO? I am still working on it!

Yes, I am chipping at it bit by bit. I think the major part of SEO is linking. So when we do a Press Release I push for the release to include links. When we update the web site I ask for links. I am looking to build user success stories, e-books and other materials that will add yet more links as well as important information that I hope others will find useful and link to.  I keep communicating to my organization at every opportunity that we must think about SEO.

If you are interested to learn more about how to introduce SEO into your organization and why everyone should care, I would recommend you listen to Jessica Bowman’s recent Ryma webinar: How to Create SEO Efficiencies and Accountabilities in Your Organization.