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The Role of the New Product Introduction Manager

The responsibility for introducing new products to markets normally lies within the Marketing department. However, before a product is ready for launch, there are many steps that should be followed to ensure a successful internal as well as external launch. The role of the New Product Introduction (NPI) Manager begins with a new product idea […] Continue reading →

Strategy Workflow Chart

I do not know the original source of this image. If you do, please let me know via the comment so I can give proper credit. This workflow may be useful to anyone looking at creating a strategic plan. I apologize for the poor quality. I will update and provide a cleaner version as soon […] Continue reading →

Writing A Good Strategy Document

I have to write a strategy for a completely new business venture for my company. I dusted off my Queen’s MBA books (they were not that dusty since I just finished my MBA last November), to review what I had learned on this topic. I started with my thesis: a management consulting plan for a new product introduction.I believe my […] Continue reading →