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Survey Results: “What It Takes To Have a Successful Blog”

The spring/summer has turned out quite busy with gardening and weekends at the cottage therefore I have spent a lot less time on my blog! Not a good way to increase my number of visitors and page views per day and finally obtaining guest participation. However, a good blogger should show passion through their writing and this cannot be forced. Taking a break once in a while might be a good thing! So, enough rambling and let’s look at the results from the survey I conducted to find out more about blogging and bloggers:

73% of the bloggers I surveyed have a full-time job and 70% have a job that is related to their blog’s main topic.

People get into blogging  for a variety of reasons (in order of frequency):

#1 To promote a business or oneself

#2 To share lessons learned

#3 A platform for self discovery

#4 To improve one’s writing skills

#4 For something to do (was bored)

#5 For fun

#6 To let people know what they are up to

On average the respondents spend 5 hours per week on their blog (spread from 0 to 20 hours) and another 4 hours (same spread)  reading and commenting on other’s people blogs! That is a lot of time considering most also have a full-time job!

As far as the minimum number of hours required in order to publish a successful blog, well that varied widely. Some felt it depended on the niche or the person. Out of those who gave a number of hours, the average was 7 hours per week.

In order to be successful, a blog MUST:

-Have new content on a regular basis (96%)

-Be neat and clean (80%)

-Have niche content (64%)

-Comments from readers (60%)

-Graphics and images (40%)

– A mix of content, interviews and video (16%)

On a scale of 1 to 10, 58% of respondents gave a score of 7 or 8 on writing abilities in order to publish a successful blog.

There were lots of great comments and advice provided by the respondents which I will have to analyze and format in a way that I can easily share.

Calling All Bloggers!

If you are a blogger, I would appreciate if you complete a short survey. I am curious about blogging and bloggers. I just started this blog last December as a hobby but I would like to get more serious. I am trying to find out more about what it takes to be successful in the blogosphere! This […] Continue reading →