The Canadian IPTV Landscape

Canada has about 430,000 subscribers on an IPTV service. If you’ve ever wondered what provider offers IPTV where in Canada and how many subscribers they have on their service, here’s is a chart  I developed that will give you a great overview:

Operator Telus Sasktel MTS Bell & Bell Aliant
Solution Optik TV Max Entertainment Ultimate TV Fibe TV/FibreOP TV**
subscribers* 266,000 77,831 86,500 Just launched/not reported yet
Special Features PVR Anywhere: pause show on one TV and continue watching on another TV.
Record 3 shows at once.
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Set PVR recordings from any computer with an internet connection. Record a show in one room and watch it in another.
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PVR: Recorded shows can be played on any connected TV.
Record 3 shows at once.
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Record up to 4 shows at once.
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Availability Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Grande Praire, Vancouver, Kelowna, Vernon and Whistler. 19 cities in Saskatchewan Winnipeg, Brandon and Portage La Prairie Toronto, Montreal, Fredericton
Price Point Starts at $50 per month. The HD package starts at $75 per month. The PVR is $399 or $15 per month rental and additional boxes for additional TVs are $199 each or $10 per month rental. Installation costs are extra. Starts at $39.95 for Basic Max to $99.80 for Ultimate Max. Includes a set-top box, remote control, and modem. Add another set-top box for only $2.95/mo. Add a wireless keyboard for $79.95 each.   $40.99 for basic to $84.99 for a package with all the premium content. First PVR is $5 per month. Additional PVRs are $3/month each. Starts at $32 per month to $110 per month for the Elite package. Must buy or rent an HD receiver or PVR. The receiver is priced at $199 (or $5 per month to rent) while the HD PVR  cost $499 (or $20 per month to rent).

*As of latest published financial statements. Telus includes satellite TV with their IPTV numbers.

 **Features and prices are representative of Fibe TV.

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