Using Social Media to Keep in Touch

Social Media has been around for a while but I do have many colleages, friends and family members who do not use it. Why not? I think the primary reason is that it is not part of their daily rituals or they assume it will be too time consuming. When I get in the office, the first thing I do is read my emails and launch my TweetDeck. I like TweetDeck because in one view I see all updates from the people I follow on Twitter, from my Facebook friends and from my LinkedIn network. During the day, whenever there is an update, a small window pops up on the right hand side with the  content of the update which I can ignore if I am busy or click on it if I want to read more.  I don’t need to spend a lot of time to keep in touch. Social Media allows me to stay connected and informed.

Once you get comfortable with Social Media, you start to know what tool is best for what type of conversation. LinkedIn Groups are great to discuss topics and read conversations on a topic of interest. Twitter is best to keep in touch with current news. Facebook is really fun and casual and I find it is the best tools to know what my friends who live abroad are up to.

Any reasons you won’t use Social Media? Do you know of great Social Media tools or tips that save time? I’d love to hear.

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