When Short-Term Takes Over Long-Term Planning

I am hoping some of my readers will share advice on the following scenario. When a strategic direction has been set by the executives and you have devoted a fair amount of time studying the market, talking with thought leaders and suppliers in the ecosystem and have been able to formulate a strategy for the organization, what do you do if the organization is not moving ahead? By this point, I am pretty confident that in order to meet the Vision by the time this new “product area” reaches mass market status, we need to move forward with a plan now.  However, the day-to-day is taking over this new product planning. Patience is not my virtue. When I believe in something and I am energized and motivated, I need to get a plan in motion. Especially when I am completely sold on the fact that it is the right thing for the organization to do. 

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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