White Paper: A Focus On IPTV in Canada

This white paper serves as an IPTV primer and also discusses the state of the IPTV market in Canada.

Download the IPTV White Paper (PDF)

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2 thoughts on “White Paper: A Focus On IPTV in Canada

  1. Hey,

    I just read your white paper on IPTV in Canada however I was confused by your regulatory section. You stated that an IPTV provider needs a BDU license, however 2009-660 says that New Media Undertakings do NOT require said license. I’ve actually called the CRTC twice and been told twice that IPTV delivered over the public internet would not be subject to regulation.

    Can you direct me to your source for your BDU requirement or is it no longer a requirement since 2009-660?

    • It is a grey area. The BDU license is only required if you retransmit live TV channels from broadcasters. I would recommend it if you want to be sure you do not ruffle any feathers at the CRTC. However, if you are willing to challenge the BDU rules, go for it and see what happens. It might be ok if you are a small player. Once you get big, I am pretty sure the incumbents will be all over you – which could be good if it helps clarifying the New Media rule and bad if it shuts down your business.

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